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How to Know if Someone Really Loves You

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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Attribution: Flickr - Doug Wheller

A common question that people ask is "Does this person really love me?" Let's look at how to tell.

They say they love you

Many people are keen to hear the words "I love you." The problem is that they are easy to say if you don't mean them. So can we really trust them?

Attribution: Flickr - Jeff Kubina

Words are cheap, so let's not judge people by their words. How else can we judge them?

Their actions

Maybe true love needs to the sum of a person's actions. The words are easy but it is very hard to do what a true lover would do.

Attribution: Flickr - Eternal Sunshine

If you are sick, do they look after you, if you are upset do they hug you and if you have a dream do they support you to achieve it?

Their kiss

It is said that you can tell if someone loves you by their kiss. Or at least there was a song that said that. I think love is real when the physical part of love feels very real.

Attribution: Flickr - Marco

Of course, I suspect that how their kiss makes you feel is not about how much they love you, but about how much you love them. It is hard to work out if the feeling you have is the same that they have.

It is in their eyes

If you want to be a little more objective you can look at their eyes. When people look at the person they love, their pupils dilate.

Attribution: Flickr - Chiara Vitellozzi Fotografie | NuageDeNuit

However this has been faked for many years. That is why candle-lit dinners are romantic. The dark light makes all pupils dilate and can trick the other person into thinking you are in love with them.

Brain scans

Luckily there is a reliable way to find out if someone is truly in love with you, but you need an MRI machine to do a scan of their brain activity.

Attribution: Flickr - Liz Henry

You see, when you look at a photo of someone you are in love with, certain parts of the brain light up. This is a little harder to fake but it is not easy for most people to get their hands on an MRI machine.

Love is love

Love is a splendid thing and part of what happens when we are in love is the logic part of our brain shuts down. This means that we don't want objective truth and we will believe whatever we want to believe.

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